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The Chicken or the Egg: Poor Sleep and ADHD
Kids with ADHD often have trouble sleeping. But which came first — the sleep problems or the medications used to treat ADHD?
Green Light for Kid-Friendly ADHD Rx
There's a new medication option for young ADHD patients who may not be able to swallow pills.
In ADHD Anxiety, Rx Not Likely the Culprit
Despite past reports that ADHD medication could lead to anxiety in kids, new evidence suggests that stimulant medications may actually help with this issue.
ADHD Rx Appeared Safe for Kids with Congenital Heart Disease
Kids with congenital heart disease often are at risk for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But whether ADHD medications can be safely given to this population has been a big concern for parents and doctors alike.
'Smart Pill' May Enhance Thinking
Pop a pill to boost your brainpower — it’s been a theory for a while but may now be closer to reality.
ADHD: A Possible Pesticide Pitfall
Pesticides are used to keep bugs away and make life easier, but they might be making life harder for some children.
Under Debate: Psychiatric Medications
Medications are often prescribed to treat mental conditions, but are they all they’re cracked up to be? Some have raised concerns that psychiatric medications may have overstated benefits and underreported harms.
ADHD Treatment: Too Much Medication, Too Little Therapy
All children have those days when they’re bouncing off the walls, but kids with ADHD may need more help than average to manage their behavior. And the kind of help they get may make a big difference in their health.
Setting the Record Straight on ADHD Prevalence
Controversy swirls around whether ADHD is over- or underdiagnosed — bringing into question the real rate of ADHD. New evidence sheds light on the factors that may affect reported rates of ADHD.
A Surprising Possible Risk of ADHD
ADHD is known to be tied to difficulties in school and trouble focusing, but something much more serious might also be tied to the condition.