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Battle of the Bug Bites
As you're enjoying Memorial Day meals this weekend, don't be surprised to see six-legged friends scavenging for meals. Hopefully, they'll go after your food crumbs and not your blood.
Breastfeeding Doesn't Fight Off Eczema
Breastfeeding for the first six months of life is recommended by the National Institutes of Health and most doctors. Babies who are breastfed gain vital immunities, are less likely to become obese, and are protected against common childhood illnesses and infections.
Acqueous Cream No Bueno For Eczema
In the United Kingdom, Aqueous Cream BP is prescribed and recommended often for the treatment of eczema. A recent London pharmacy school study indicates that aqueous cream can be counterproductive when treating eczema.
Steroid Creams for Eczema
Many parents are scared to use corticosteroid creams or lotions on their children with eczema because of the risks of potential side effects. This avoidance can lead to poorly managed eczema in children.
Eczema's Effect on Food Allergy
While many children will outgrow their milk allergy, researchers have found that having eczema can reduce a child's chance of outgrowing their food allergies later in life.
No Comfort from Soft Water
Contrary to popular belief, water softeners may not provide relief for children who suffer from eczema.