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Source of May E. Coli Outbreak Pinpointed
After weeks of wrongly fingering the source of the deadly German E. coli, the European Food Safety Authority has confirmed in a report that one lot of contaminated fenugreek seeds from Egypt likely caused the May outbreak that sickened thousands.
Vaccine for Kids Rocks
Rotavirus can happen to anyone, but is most dangerous for infants and the elderly. A vaccine is now available for young children between the ages of 6 and 12 weeks.
USDA Awards Grants to Increase Food Safety
There is always a risk of foodborne illness, but with increased summer cookouts, the rate can be higher than other times of year. Food left out in the sun can spoil and meats not cooked thoroughly can be problematic.
Explanation for Deadlier E. Coli Strain
Scientists have finally discovered an explanation for the greater virulence of the deadly strain of E. Coli that swept through Germany recently sickening thousands.
FDA Warns Kellogg About Listeria
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued to the Kellogg Company, best known for making Corn Flakes cereal, a  warning letter after the pathogen Listeria was found at its Georgia food manufacturing facility.
E. Coli Pathogen Found on Cucumber
German authorities initially blamed the E. coli outbreak on Spanish cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce, then backtracked. Then they pinpointed sprouts from northern Germany but that also turned out to be a false start.
Inorganic Arsenic Found in Animal Drug
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today a drug used by poultry producers since the 1940s will be suspended from the market after the discovery of inorganic arsenic, but stressed that continuing to eat chicken poses no health threat.
EU Nearing Deal for Farmers Impacted by E. Coli
As two more people died from E coli toxins in Germany, bringing the total to 26, and 300 new cases of infection were confirmed, the European Commission announced it has finally reached a financial deal to help Spanish farmers.
Experimental Treatments Tried in Wave of E Coli Outbreak
In an effort to aid patients in the wake of the deadly E. coli outbreak, a German team of doctors is trying something new.
E. Coli Treatment Could be Reality
A life-saving treatment for E. coli could have been developed more than a decade ago but stalled because of lack of commercial interest.