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Flame Retardant Chemicals Raise Concerns
Throughout our entire lives, we interact with chemicals. The vast majority of these chemicals do us good or cause no harm. A small number, however, are linked to mental health issues.
Not LOL When Teens Text While Driving
Public health officials have advertised the dangers of drinking and driving for years. But texting while driving can be just as dangerous, and not everyone is getting the message.
Kerosene and Kids Don't Mix
You know them by the names propane, methane, butane, octane and other "anes." These hydrocarbons are in most homes and can pose serious risks to little children.
Metal in a Tube of Lipstick?
Concern about the ingredients in lipsticks and other makeup products have been around almost as long as makeup has. Sometimes, though, there is some reason to be concerned.
Greener Pastures for the Mind
Enjoying a community park is a great way to relax and take in a little nature. Having a park nearby may even lower stress and promote a sense of well-being.
What Difference Does School Lunch Make?
More and more research is pointing to children's access to food as a major influence on their nutrition and risk for obesity. School lunches are a big part of that access.
Playing Video Games to Get Healthier
Much attention has focused on the violence in video games and whether they can be a problem for kids' development. But the video games also may be used for good.
Getting the Lead Out (of Our Kids)
We've come a long way since the days when gasoline and paint contained lead. Too much lead exposure can cause lasting neurological problems. The good news is that lead exposure levels continue to drop.
Louisiana Sinkhole Gobbling Up Land
You remember hearing about the Florida man who died after the earth gave way beneath his bed as he slept? While its impact was tragic, that sinkhole was tiny compared to the monster in Bayou Corne, Louisiana.
Too Much Talking, Texting and Driving
People are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Yet many Americans still appear to report texting while driving or talking on cell phones while driving.