Infectious DiseaseInfo Center

Give Me Some Skin to Fight HIV
Infectious disease prevention is often aided with the introduction of new antiretroviral drugs. Poor nations facing infectious diseases epidemics have limited access to these new drug therapies.
A Pill a Day Keeps HIV Away
A condom is just one essential tool protecting against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Are there other therapies for HIV-infected individuals in a committed relationship?
A Plume of Hope for Oil Spill Victims
Picking up the pieces for Gulf Coast residents has been no small feat. In early 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill leaked nearly 5 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, possibly causing a public health crisis.
Regenerating the Spine
Spinal cord injuries rarely heal fully, which can lead to permanent paralysis or  impairment. Lost function was believed to come from scar tissue. Research suggests there may be another explanation.
A Sound Heart
People with HIV are at an increased risk for for many heart related issues, such as cardiovascular disease and a fatal heart attack. New research indicates that a heart ultrasound can enable HIV positive individuals to identify their risk sooner.
Hold Your Applause, New Clap in Town
Several suggestions are offered to explain why gonorrhea is called "the clap". Two possibilities are French words, which date to the 1500s. Clapoir is a sexual sore and clapier is a brothel.
Brain Capitalizes on Emotion
When listening to stories full of emotion, it's normal to have a personal response. Storytelling can also stimulate a physical response in the human brain.
Call to Arms for STD Parasite Testing
A sexually transmitted parasite, which can cause inflammatory illnesses and premature births, is finding a seemingly unlikely home in women over 40 years old.
Brain Disease Caused by Chronic Stress
Scientists have long linked chronic stress to brain degeneration. Now they may have identified the connection. These findings could ultimately aid in understanding and treating Alzheimer's disease.
Drugs Found Effective for TB With HIV Infection
Activities that require daily maintenance can be tough to adhere to. New research shows that patients with TB can take drugs less often and for a shorter duration of time.