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Electrical Weapons Fight Cancer
Experimental laboratory research uses space-age materials developed by NASA to improve the latest field in cancer treatment, creating electrical fields to kill tumor cells. Irreversible electroporation , also known as nano-knife surgery, is the newest surgical method for advanced cancers where surgery cannot be performed, including kidney, liver and pancreatic cancers. While the field is only a few years old, scientists have already doubled the effectiveness of the technique. The irreversible electroporation technology uses electricity to create tiny holes in cells, causing them to ...
Fattening up Liver Cancer Risks
Childhood obesity is now a global epidemic, and with it comes increased disease risks both in children and adults. Having an abundant body as a child is now linked even to cancer.
Telling More of the Liver Cancer Story
Telomeres  are like the caps at the end of poster tubes. They are found at the end of chromosomes and help protect genetic data. Scientists have discovered that the length of telomeres  can help predict liver cancer risk.
Who Survives the Waiting for a new Liver
Liver transplants are sometimes the only answer for people suffering from either cancer or other life-threatening liver diseases. 
Diabetes Drug may be Liver Cancer Hard Hat
People with diabetes are often prescribed metformin , a drug that actually does most of its work in the liver. This very mechanism could extend the usage of this drug as a possible cancer treatment.
Systemic Treatment of Liver Cancer
While no systemic treatment currently exists for liver cancer ( hepatocellular carcinoma), a series of experiments in rats has identified viable target worthy of further investigation. A gene called   LSF (Late SV40 Factor) may be a target in liver cancer that drugs could be developed to target and wipe out. Ask your oncologist about isoquinolinone therapy. Every cancer has a series of common mutations that predispose the transformation from normal cell to cancer. These genes are called oncogenes . Some cancers have a unique profile with specific oncogenes for that cancer, or m...
Does Anesthesia Alter Tumor Recurrence?
Occasionally, studies of medical data find unexpected trends. Recently, an analysis of anesthetic use during liver surgery found a surprising relationship for tumor recurrence.
Sex and Liver Cancer
Blame it on the hormones. Male and female hormones are at the root of prostate cancer and breast cancer. They may also be the reason significantly more men than women develop liver cancer.
Why Has Liver Cancer Tripled?
While the prevalence of a number of cancers is declining, some types are on the rise. The incidence of one of the more difficult forms of liver cancer to treat has tripled over the past 30 years. And researchers are beginning to know why.
Food Affects Your Genes and Your Jeans
MicroRNA are molecules that control genes - particularly the expression (presence) of genes. Recent research illustrates that a microRNA   involved in liver cancer might be a new way to treat the disease.