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Medicare to Pay for Prostate Cancer Drug
Medicare has announced it will pay for Provenge ( sipuleucel-T ) to treat metastatic prostate cancer. This drug extends the life of patients by about four months.
Receding Economy Recedes Fertility
Money talks, and educated people listen. Raising children is expensive, and intelligent, forward-thinking individuals are less likely to procreate in the current uncertain economy.
Weight Loss Improves Sleep Apnea
A strong correlation between sleep apnea and obesity suggests that losing weight could have a tremendous effect on improving sleep disorders. While not all sleep apnea sufferers are overweight, the majority are.
Exercise More to Combat Sleep Disorders and Diabetes
Men with obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes or high blood pressure can greatly improve their survival rate by increasing their amount of exercise. Conversely, poor fitness habits increased the death rate by as much as 75 percent.
Casodex More Problematic for Homosexuals
Sexual activities are obviously quite different between homosexual and heterosexual men. A research study shows they also have different responses to the same hormone adjusting drug.
Infertility Spazz Out
Infertility appears to be an equal discriminator: 50 percent is related to a man's sperm quality, and the other 50 percent is related to woman's fertilty.
Smoking and Prostate Cancer
Smoking and lung cancer are known links. Now it's becoming clear that tobacco addiction significantly complicates the outlook for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Dads Urged to Get Healthy
It's time for Father's Day, when dads around the world are celebrated for their contributions to their families. This year a physician is encouraging dads to use this special day get on a fast- track to better health.
Unhappy Fathers Days
Dads and husbands, brothers and sons suffer depression just like the women in their lives. But men are less likely to talk about it or seek care for the blues.
Don't Hate the Doctor, Man
Part of taking care of yourself usually involves going to the doctor on a regular basis, yet many men seem to think that doctor visits are not important, according to a recent survey.