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Link Between Epilepsy and MS
Multiple sclerosis (MS) and epilepsy are two of the most common neurological conditions, and now researchers have found that having one may lead to higher risk for the other.
Exercise for the Mind in MS
Exercising is good for your overall health; it may even improve mental health. And recent research suggests that exercise could benefit multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with depression.
Exercise Options for Multiple Sclerosis
Maintaining the ability to get around on their own is often a top priority for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), and exercise may be the key to staying mobile.
Walking Tall Through MS
Along with potential vision problems, stomach issues and speech difficulties, one common effect of the neurological condition multiple sclerosis (MS) is having trouble walking. Researchers behind a new year long study explored the results of a medication aimed at improving walking in people who have MS.
The Global Impact of MS
Multiple sclerosis is a condition that results in different outcomes in the lives of different patients. And a new report shows that this wide-ranging condition might be more widespread than previously thought.
MS Risk Rises With Childhood Diabetes
For young people, type 1 diabetes may raise the likelihood of having multiple sclerosis. Scientists now suspect that certain environmental factors may play a role.
Cannabis-Based Medication Not the Fix for MS
Some multiple sclerosis (MS) patients use a  cannabis-based medication called dronabinol to control pain symptoms and muscles cramps.  A recent study looked at whether this medication could also stop the progression of a certain type of of MS. 
Your Mind's Stockpile Against MS
Multiple sclerosis (MS) can seriously affect a person's ability to learn and remember information. But spending the time for leisurely learning early in life may help protect against this mental decline.
Is MS in the Milk?
Scientists still don't know what causes multiple sclerosis (MS). It could be viruses, genetics or environmental factors, or a combination of all three. One new study suggests it could be the kind of work people do.
Mottos for Living with MS
Today is World MS Day – a day to raise awareness about multiple sclerosis (MS) and the impact it has on patients' lives.