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Physical Therapy Might Trump Knee Surgery
Surgery may not always be the best option for patients. In the case of some knee problems, physical therapy may work just as well and have fewer negative effects.
Arthritis Pain Relievers May Raise Risk of Death From Stroke
Arthritis can be painful and prevent patients from doing daily activities. But certain medicines to relieve arthritis pain may increase patients' chances of dying from a stroke, a new study found.
Prehabilitation Could Help Knee and Hip Replacement Patients Recover
With the number of total knee and hip replacements on the rise, doctors are looking for ways to reduce the amount of care needed after surgery. Prehabilitation (physical therapy before surgery) could help patients recover faster and save money.
Not All Osteoarthritis Patients Reported Pain
The most common form of arthritis can cause major disability in patients who are 50 or older in the United States. A new study showed just how common it was among those living in urban areas.
Many Knee Replacements May Be Unnecessary
For some patients with arthritis, knee replacement may eventually seem like the only option for treating their pain. But a new study suggests this treatment may not always be appropriate.
Daily Walking Kept Arthritic Knees Working
Walking each day may keep disability away. That seems to be the message of a recent study on people with, or at risk of, osteoarthritis of the knee.
Osteoarthritis Patients May Not Benefit From Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is a commonly recommended treatment for patients with osteoarthritis. Yet, new research questions whether it does much good for patients with painful hip osteoarthritis.
Avoiding Disability Through Light Activity
Only intense physical activity like running has real health benefits, right? Think again.
Falls More Common in Arthritis Patients
Falls are a big concern for many older adults, but should falling be something that middle-aged adults with arthritis consider, too? A new study suggests so.
Breast Cancer Treatment Had Lingering Health Effects
Women with breast cancer often receive radiation treatments and chemotherapy to fight their disease. In some women, those treatments might bring long-term health effects that aren’t so desirable.