Ovarian CancerInfo Center

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Enters New Era
A new drug shows huge promise in treating one of the worst cancers in women. This medication shrinks ovarian cancer tumors to offer new hope for women diagnosed with the disease.
Genetic Treasure Map
It's the most thorough and comprehensive genetic study of any type of cancer. Now scientists have more information and understanding about ovarian cancer, survival rates and  possible treatments.
Doctors Not Following Their DNA Orders
Established guidelines are in place for providing genetic counseling and testing for women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancers. A new study shows that doctors aren't following these recommendations.
Stemming the Tide
Stem cells are like chameleons - they can turn into a number of different types of cells. Scientists are now learning that stem cells may hold the key to treating ovarian cancer.
Teen Cancer Genius
She's 17 years old and lives in Fort Worth, Texas. And Shree Bose has made an important discovery about ovarian cancer. No wonder she won this year's Google Science Fair.
Lynch Syndrome Cancer Risk Calculator
Genetic testing is opening doors in the helping people understand the potential health issues they may face in the near and distant future.
New Light for Ovarian and Reproductive Cancers
Treatment options for ovarian and reproductive system cancers are currently somewhat limited. Researchers have opened new doors and hope.
It May Not be Ovarian Cancer Afterall
Cancer is a tricky disease. Researchers now believe that one form of ovarian cancer may start as a fallopian tube tumor. Findings from this new study may offer new hope in treating the disease.
Mistakes Were Made
Once ovarian cancer has been diagnosed, it takes some general practitioners more than one month to record the diagnosis, according to a new study.