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Fewer Hot Flashes, Naturally
A dietary supplement with a certain soy germ ingredient reduced the frequency of hot flashes in women experiencing menopause.
Linking Your Genes to Menopause Onset
Many women reach menopause suddenly, or so it seems to them. What if doctors could predict at exactly which age you’ll hit menopause, allowing you to prepare yourself for major hormonal changes?
More Safety Points for HPV Vaccine
The vaccine recommended for boys and girls to prevent HPV, an infection that can cause cervical and other cancers, has been shown not to cause diabetes, lupus or similar diseases in young women.
Small Plates May Not Equal Diet Success
Experts have long suggested dieters might receive an added boost in cutting calories simply by eating meals on smaller plates. New research suggests that theory may be a myth.
The Pill Cuts Down on Menstrual Pain
A lot of women cope with severe menstrual cramps every month. If you battle painful periods, a recent study says the most effective treatment is the pill.
Teens Having Sex Are Clueless
Is your teenage daughter smart about protected sex? Maybe not: A government study reports that teen girls aren’t doing much to prevent pregnancy.
Obesity During Pregnancy Inflames Risks
If you’re obese and pregnant, a nutritious diet may not ensure you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. A new study shows that inflammation in your body, caused by obesity, can have harmful health effects for both the mother and child.
Antidepressants Increase Hypertension Risks
Several research teams have focused on the effects of antidepressants taken while pregnant. A new study suggests medications taken during pregnancy may increase the risk of a pulmonary disease in newborns.
Eat Mindfully at Your Favorite Haunts
Avoiding restaurants because of your diet? A new study says you may not have to if you make smart, "mindful" choices.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
A vaccine to protect against herpes has shown some success for one strain of the virus, offering researchers hope that they're on the right path to a more comprehensive vaccine.