Health News

New Insights into Mental Illness
Psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia have long been something of a mystery, but new research is identifying the brain circuits and chemicals that are involved in such illnesses.
Post-Traumatic Sleep Disorders
Although one may understand the prevalence of horrifying dreams in our returning soldiers, the specific sleep disorders falling upon them seem to be unique to their own combat experience. 
Globally Anxious
While a business intelligence report released earlier this year forecasted a financial growth in the global anxiety disorders market, the humane effects cause medical concern.
OCD Leaves Hoarding Out
The Emmy-nominated television series Hoarders  fascinates America, taking a look into the lives of individuals incapable of parting with their possessions.
PTSD Potency
You may be carrying biological attributes within your genes that increase your risk of developing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Researchers say that the potency of your PTSD may depend on your traumatic trigger.
Therapy Can Aid Dementia Caregivers With Depression
Family members who care for patients suffering from dementia are frequently under stress and are more at risk of suffering from depression. A specialized type of psychotherapy may help.
Shy or Social Phobic?
Do you have trouble getting your teen to enjoy social gatherings? You might just think your teen is shy but they could have a more serious problem known as social phobia.
City Living Is Stressful
Where you live does matter. For people born and raised in a major urban area, they have a greater chance of developing anxiety or mood disorders during their lifetime.
Don't Panic, Just Exercise
A simple, inexpensive, non-medicated and healthy remedy may be very effective in preventing and reducing panic or anxiety disorders: physical exercise.
Feel Blue, Green and Red?
Pain will come and go for most people, but it can be more intense if you suffer depression and/or anxiety. Treating these problems can be difficult but experts provide some tips.