Health News

Depression Drugs and Suicide
For the last few years, a possible link between suicide and antidepressant drugs in young people has been debated in the medical community.
Spare the Rod for Healthy Development
A review of twenty years worth of research reveals that physically punishing kids probably does more harm than good and appears to increase kids' aggression.
Risperidone Effective in Treating Childhood Mania
For children who suffer from manic, or bipolar, disorder there are many drug therapies available. But the side effects can be a problem, and until now no one has really studied which medication is the best for children.
Excessive Rituals in Children Could Signal OCD
Most children have a pretty stable routine, like a daily school routine, consistent meal times, regular schedules for bath, homework and bedtime.
Bad Behavior Linked to Suicidal Thoughts
When problem behavior starts showing up early in children, parents and other caregivers should recognize and address it. Kids who show early signs of aggressive or impulsive behavior, sleep problems and depression are more likely to have thoughts of harming themselves.
Fighting Childhood Depression
Kids can have more than a down day; more and more information is coming forth to show the seriousness of childhood depression.
Child Abuse Changes the Brain
There is little debate that children who are abused, physically or mentally, undergo such significant trauma that they often carry it throughout their lives. Child abuse can affect a person's mental health forever, leading to depression and other psychological disorders later in life.
When Kids Get the Blues
Depression, mood disorder and other depressive mental illness is all too common among adults. With children, most of us tend to associate depression with the teenage years.
Children Falling Through the Cracks
For children living in foster care, the trauma and mental health toll can be tremendous. Many studies have shown that up to 80 percent of them have developmental or mental health problems.
Black Children Fare Worse With Cancer
Huge progress has been made in treating and curing childhood cancers over the past 50 years. Scientists are now discovering, though, that some children tend to have more aggressive disease and poorer outcomes.