Health News

What Cancer Patients Aren’t Talking About
During your doctor visits, there are some things you may not want to bring up. You may think they’re concerns your doctor can't help you with, or maybe you’re embarrassed to talk about them. Recent research looked at what topics cancer patients are willing to discuss with their doctors.
Marriage May Be Better Than Chemotherapy
Is marriage good for your health? If you’re diagnosed with cancer, does marriage help? A new study addressed these questions, and the news may be inspiring for married folks.
Can a Social Life Save Lives?
Typically, humans enjoy the company of other people and enjoy being social. But might there be health risks for those who don't fulfill their basic need for companionship?
Considering Alzheimer's Care
Unfortunately, Alzheimer's disease is a condition which affects many people around the globe. Families of all types, cultures and nations cope with this disease, which often requires family members to play the role of caregiver.
The Mysterious Aches of Bullying
As bullying receives more attention, researchers are learning more about its possible effects on children. The long-term effects may be more than emotional or psychological. They could be physical as well.
Women Happier When They Gained Weight
Obesity is a global epidemic, affecting many populations around the world, as wellness professionals struggle to find solutions.  But do the solutions lead to happiness?  As women start to feel healthier, do they feel better?
A Positive Attitude Lifts the Heart
Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. Patients with cardiovascular disease who keep up a sunny view may increase physical activity and add years to their lives.
Parents-as-Drill Sergeants Not the Best Choice
A fair amount of study has been spent on whether spanking children can cause them any long-term harm. But what about lots of yelling at children?
Humpty Dumpty Might Have Been Stressed
Individuals' mental health can affect their physical health in ways they might not even realize. Even a person's risk of an accident may be related to mental health.
Do Good, Feel Good?
About a quarter of the US population volunteers in some form or another, whether on their own, through a church or through another organization. What do they get out of it?