Health News

Nature Reduces Stress
If you don't see green when you look out the window, you're at greater risk of mental and behavioral health issues, a new study suggests.
Multiple Personality Disorder Unraveled
For most people, sleep problems can cause a range of health issues, but new research reveals they may contribute to a different mental health problem: dissociative identity disorder.
Sad Music can Give you the Blues
It's been believed and debates for centuries: can listening to melancholy music actually make you feel sad? Research may have proven that it can.
Ethics and Values are Learned
It is an age-old human question: why do some people behave morally, while others do not? Sociologists have long worked to answer this question.  
Treat Grief With Love Not Drugs
One of the world’s leading general medical journals just expressed its concerns about changes in the upcoming edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).
Is Your Teen Drinking? Set Rules!
Teenagers face the pressures of illegal drinking whether parents talk to them about it or not.  New research supports moms and dads who not only talk to their children about alcohol but also set rules.
Vanishing Childhood
It's often said that children grow up too quickly in modern society. Now, the so-called "Spirit of Childhood" has been placed on the endangered species list.
Multiple Homes Produce Health Risks
We all know that stability is important for healthy development in childhood. Moving frequently can be a factor that disrupts children's social stability.
The Good and Bad of Comparison
If you've ever looked at someone else and either wished you were doing as well as that person, or been relieved that you weren't as bad off, you aren't alone.
Coach Caring, Not Winning
If you’re coaching your son or daughter’s little league this year, you might want to focus more on developing the children than winning the game, a new study suggests.