Health News

Are You a Negative Nelly?
If you are consistently pessimistic on Facebook, you may be causing some of the online community to dislike you, new research finds.  
Laughter Really is the Best Medicine
Humor may not only be amusing, it can actually have health benefits—particularly for kids. It activates parts of the brain that are linked to well-being and resilience.
It's Game Time - but not for Smokers
If your child’s an athlete there is a better chance he says “no” to cigarettes, a new study finds.
Child Abuse Hospitalizations Too High
The number of children hospitalized for abuse injuries in a single year is a wake-up call that parents feeling high levels of stress should seek help before the pressure overtakes them.
Spare the Rod for Healthy Development
A review of twenty years worth of research reveals that physically punishing kids probably does more harm than good and appears to increase kids' aggression.
Take a Snack, If You Please
We all know someone who goes that extra mile to spread joy and aid others, but did you notice that they also tend to snack more?
Blame a Sex Hormone for Feeling Uncooperative
While testosterone is best known as the male sex hormone, its presence is necessary in all of us to maintain our overall health and well being, yet those with increased levels of the hormone may have a hard time getting along with others.
Optimism Rules The Day
Those labeled a “hypochondriac” by family and friends may have to hide from evidence for the defense. Emerging research suggests that our thoughts on illness can significantly effect how we end up feeling.
You Are How You Eat
Anyone who has heard the phrase "you are what you eat" might be interested to know that scientists are starting to link personality traits to eating habits.  
Nature v. Nurture and Its Impact on Crime
Criminal or not? The answer may be in the DNA. A recently released research paper by criminologist J.C. Barnes, Ph.D., implies that your genes contribute to whether or not you end up committing crime.