Health News

New Link Discovered Between Appetite Hormone and Depression
Our bodies make a hormone called leptin that regulates our appetite. It may be that this hormone could also be useful in regulating depression.
Being Attractive is Attractive
It's all about the swagger and the fluttering eyelashes. Really. Those are the personality traits that tend to help people predict who is attracted to them.
Dr. Death Dies
Dr. Jack Kevorkian - known to many as "Dr. Death" for helping over 100 people commit suicide - died early Friday morning in a Michigan hospital. A fitting end to assisted suicide's best known advocate.
The Human Brain, a Great Opportunist
Cave men used stick figures self-portraits and hunting diaries to record lives since the beginning of cave man time. Similar artwork is riddled throughout human history.
Smiling Happy Days
Here's an easy one. Would you rather date The Fonze or Richie Cunningham? A new University of British Columbia study asked just that. The answer for most women? The Fonze.
Beating the Baby Blues With Fish Oil
The omega-3s found in fish oil are known to be good for the heart and the brain. These healthy nutrients may be particularly healthful for moms-to-be.
The Deadly Side of Happy
If it's such a happy place to live, one wonders why people would choose to end their lives. But it turns out that the happiest places on earth are also the deadliest in terms of suicide rates.
Antidepressants Not a Cure-All for Depression
You're taking an antidepressant and feeling better overall but still have bouts of sadness. Or, maybe you're still having trouble with insomnia or finding it hard to concentrate. You're not alone - not by a long shot.
Gene Mutation Found In Both Autism and Epilepsy
For the first time, science has been able to show the role that the synapsin (SYN1) mutation plays in both autism and epilepsy.
Understanding and Living with the Many Shades of Bipolar Disorder
Catherine Zeta-Jones deciding to seek treatment for Bipolar II sheds light on a mental illness that affects millions of Americans. Bipolar disorder, sometimes called manic-depressive illness, is a complex spectrum of mental illness that can destroy lives. Literally.