Health News

Fabry Disease Affects Spanish Patients Differently
A disease may not affect all populations in an equal manner. A recent study shows that Spanish patients with a rare genetic metabolic disease do not necessarily exhibit the same symptoms as those in other European countries.
New View of Vitamin C
Vitamin C has long been touted as a super antioxidant. Maybe you've even taken some at the first sign of cold. Now scientists are finding that vitamin C offers a surprising benefit.
Diet Can Affect Genetic Macular Degeneration
Gradual vision loss as a result of macular degeneration is primarily determined by genetics. Lifestyle and diet changes may slow the progression of the chronic eye disease or reduce the severity, according to a new study of identical twins.
Cause of Hereditary Blindness Potentially Discovered
Hereditary blindness, long a mystery in how or why it occurred, appears to be the result of a gene mutation. Scientists are now gaining a better understanding of the genetic disorder.
Eye Shoot the Messenger
By blocking two messenger RNA's, abnormal blood vessel growth occurring in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other degenerative eye disorders may be suppressed. 
Cedars-Sinai to Probe Diabetic Eye Problems
Damage to a key portion of the eye is a common problem for diabetics. In fact, diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among adults.
Signs Are in the Eye
The eye may be the gateway to the soul, but it also could be where doctors can look for signs of nerve damage caused by diabetes.
May is Healthy Vision Month
To celebrate Healthy Vision Month, The National Eye Institute has issued a statement encouraging all to value eye health and prioritize eye wellness. Good Eye-dea!
Gorilla Going Ape Not Seen By Most
"Inattention blindness" is a phenomenon that makes most cell phone usage dangerous while driving.  'The Invisible Gorilla' video test proves once again that humans have difficulties focusing their attenion.
Photo Finish First Year For Avastin and Lucentis
A two year study has pitted Avastin and Lucentis against each other. After the first year, the results are a photo finish.  Lucentis is 40 times more expensive than Avastin but the study finds no measurable increased benefit from prescribing Lucentis.