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How Can Preterm Birth Affect a Child?
Babies born very early during pregnancy can be at risk of having developmental issues. But how exactly are preterm offspring's lives affected?
Of Movement and the Mind
Children with autism develop at different rates and often in different ways than children without autism. There may be links between their motor skills and their development.
Working Out Development for Cerebral Palsy
All children develop at different rates even if there are "averages" that exist for the typical child. Children with disabilities may vary even more in their development.
No School Worries for Slightly Early Arrivals
Being born extremely early has been linked to some developmental problems. But there is less to worry about if a child is born just a little early.
No Need to Worry About Young Stutterers
If a young child begins to stutter while speaking, parents may worry the child will suffer setbacks in language or social development. But the opposite may be true.
Don't Overdose on Cartoons
Fond memories of Count von Count may be how many people remember first learning about numbers. Educational shows like Sesame Street may be helpful for school success, but too much TV in general may not.
Fighting Isn't Smart
Fighting could have much more serious consequences than a trip to the principal's office or a few days of suspension. It actually may affect a teen's intelligence.
Breast is Best for the Brain Too
You may have heard that "breast is best" when it comes to feeding a baby. The benefits of breastfeeding are significant, but it has not always been clear how they extend to a baby's brain development.
Too Much Media, Too Little Sleep
Monsters under the bed may not be what's keeping your kids up at night. The real culprits could be your television and computer.
Ready, Set, Clamp the Umbilical Cord
For nine months, mothers provide every bit of nutrition a developing baby needs while in the womb. When the baby meets the world, though, it's time to cut the cord — literally.