Health News

Coffee Drinkers with Cirrhosis Lived Longer
A few cups of coffee every day may provide more than a boost to get through the day. That hot brew may also save lives, at least among a subset of people with cirrhosis of the liver, new research suggests.
Beer: The Health Benefits and Consequences
Many Americans enjoy their alcohol, spending close to $99 billion every year on beer alone. Here’s a list of potential health benefits and consequences of beer consumption.
Foods that Boost Brain Power
A few changes to your diet may give your brain a boost! 
FDA: Don't Prescribe Rx Combos With Too Much Acetaminophen
FDA is recommending health care professionals discontinue prescribing and dispensing prescription combination drug products that contain more than 325 mg of acetaminophen per tablet, capsule or other dosage unit.
Did James Bond's Martini Give Him a Tremor?
Fictional British spy James Bond, 007, asked for his martinis to be "shaken, not stirred" — but new research suggests that his preference may have resulted from an alcohol induced tremor.
Vitamin D Levels and Fatty Liver Disease
Fatty liver disease develops when fat collects in the liver, preventing normal filtration and sometimes causing organ damage. A new study looked at vitamin D's role in this disease.
Staying Sober for a New Liver
Liver transplant patients with a history of alcohol abuse often go through a treatment program before surgery. But the temptation to drink doesn’t stop once the surgery is over.
More Pain than Help to the Liver
Medicines are to be taken as directed. Though they are intended to help, certain meds can be more taxing on the liver than others. In some cases, the wrong medicine can cause serious damage.
Parts Can Equal the Whole Liver
That call about your child's liver transplant can lift one of many burdens. And whether it's a whole or partial liver, the success rates are about the same.
Coffee May Curb Liver Disease
A good cup of coffee kick starts the morning for many who favor that caffeine-fueled beverage. But its benefits don’t necessarily end there.