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Common Types of Lung Disease
A cough that won’t go away, shortness of breath during normal activity, wheezing and chest pain. These may all be signs of a problem in the lungs. 
Prevention Key as Cancer Rates Rise
You'd be hard-pressed to find a person who didn't know anyone affected by cancer. New evidence is highlighting just how widespread the disease is — and what can be done to stop it.
Warning Signs of Lung Disease
Most of what a person inhales is oxygen and nitrogen, but small amounts of other gases, bacteria, and viruses can also enter the body. A lung disease is a disorder that affect the lungs and may prevent the body from getting enough oxygen. 
Cigars Not a Safe Cigarette Alternative
There’s a common notion that cigars may be safer to smoke than cigarettes because they are often not inhaled. New evidence, however, suggests that cigar smoking may pose some serious health threats.
The Risks of Youth E-Cig Use
Experimenting is often how kids and teens learn. Experimenting with electronic cigarettes, however, may be risky.
Even a Few Smokes a Day Can Raise Your Risks
If you think smoking just a few cigarettes a day keeps you free from the many risks of smoking, you may want to think again.
Lung Cancer: Symptoms & Screenings
Like many diseases, lung cancer is most survivable when it’s caught early. But how do you catch lung cancer before it’s too late? Well, you can start by keeping an eye out for the symptoms and even getting screened. 
Lung Cancer Screening Not for Everyone
On the surface, lung cancer screening sounds like a great idea for everybody — but it's not likely that simple.
What Keeping Fit Could Do for Your Cancer Risk
Physical activity is a vital part of a healthy life. While research has clearly shown its benefits in preventing heart disease, fitness may lower the risk of certain cancers as well.
Cancer Patients Live On
Cancer is a scary diagnosis, but there’s some really good news out there these days — more people are surviving.