Health News

50-Year Trends in Smoking Related Deaths
Too many people have died from smoking-related illnesses in the past 50 years. But there is good news: quitting smoking starts the healing process and immediately begins to reduce the risks of smoking-related disease.
You Should Know - Smoke More, Worse Cancer
The biggest risk factor for bladder cancer is smoking. That’s well known. Now, researchers have discovered that how much a person smokes has an impact on the course of the disease.
How Mistrust Affects Cancer Screening
Some people tend to have a problem with physicians and other healthcare providers. They don’t trust these professionals. As a result, many ignore cancer screenings.
Depression After Youth Cancer Battle
Does having cancer while growing up increase the odds of depression later in life? If so, there’s no shame in reaching out for help with mental health issues.
Watch Your Booze Ladies
There is a world of difference between having a cocktail and binging drinking. The body was not designed to process excessive alcohol in short periods of time. Specifcally with women.
Who's the Drunkest of Them All?
Many Americans may enjoy drinking on New Year's Eve, but they don't top the charts. In fact, the US is not even among the 25 "drunkest" countries in world alcohol consumption rates.
Ancient Practice Brings New Energy to Cancer Patients
Fatigue can be part of the new normal for breast cancer survivors. An ancient practice may help to bring these ladies new energy.
Coping With Cancer During Holiday Cheer
The holiday bustle can be a bit much to cope with for people going through cancer treatments or those who have lost someone to cancer. Here are a few tips to manage the holidays.
Cancer Screening for the Mentally Ill
Mental illness does not change the risks for cancer. Screening and treatments for cancer in the mentally ill have not been equal to those of the general population.
In Joy This Holiday
Cancer is an unwelcome guest any time of the year. During the holidays, that guest could be even more troubling – if you let it.