Health News

Adequate Iodine Essential for Moms
Taking prenatal vitamins is important for all pregnant and breastfeeding women. But even these supplements may not give women enough iodine.
Heavy Moms Had More Babies with Breathing Issues
Pregnant women who are severely overweight may face a number of risks to their own health. But it's not only these heavy mothers who are put at risk; that extra weight also may be harmful to their baby.
Unhealthy Air Around Pregnant Mothers Tied to Child's Asthma
The foods that a woman eats during pregnancy can have a huge impact on her baby's development, both before and after birth. The quality of air that a pregnant woman breathes may be equally important to her baby's health.
Circumcision Complications Rate Clarified
Male circumcision is currently regarded as a procedure that parents can choose for their sons but which is not routinely recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Potential Dangers When You're "Driving for Two"
A woman experiences a variety of changes to her body while she's pregnant. While these are normal changes, they might influence her alertness or the way she's feeling occasionally.
More Babies Born to Older Moms
With the changes in medical treatment and technology and shifts in the female workforce, more and more women are having children at older ages.
Surprising Facts About Modern Mothers
Starting in 1914, every second Sunday of May has been dedicated to the celebration of motherhood, yet the profile of a typical mother has changed dramatically since the holiday’s inception.
Planning a Prenatal Diet
Expectant mothers have to consider certain everyday decisions of their life in a new way — including the food choices they make. So what should these women keep in mind now that they are "eating for two?"
DHA During Pregnancy Didn't Boost Kids' Brain Power
Pregnant women are often encouraged to take an omega-3 fatty acid supplement called DHA in addition to prenatal vitamins. But does taking the extra supplement make a difference to the developing baby?
A Vaccine for Two During Pregnancy
Vaccines are designed to protect against disease, but babies cannot get most vaccines until they're two months old, leaving them vulnerable. A vaccine during pregnancy may help.