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Unlikely Drug Combo for Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer doesn't occur in isolation, and recent research may give some peace of mind to prostate cancer patients already on medication for arthritis or high cholesterol.
Hearty Cancer Predictor
Heart health can be improved with lifestyle changes - weight loss, exercise and a healthy diet. It may be that these changes also reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer.
New Urine Test for Prostate Cancer
For men at risk for prostate cancer or diagnosed with a slowly progressive prostate cancer, the options to track the tumor are limited. A new urine test may allow men to avoid biopsies.
PSA Testing's Next Level
There has been a lot of controversy in the medical profession over using PSA (prostate specific antigen) level tests for prostate cancer screening. A new test may actually be more accurate than the traditional method.
Prostate Cancer Radiation is Expensive
There are several treatments available for prostate cancer, and information on which is best has been hard to organize and difficult to interpret - until now.
Kick Prostate Cancer's Butt at the Track
While it's not always known exactly how exercise helps counteract cancer, having proof on a genetic level adds a fairly convincing argument to the many benefits of working up a sweat.
Prostate Cancer Radiation Best on the Outside
There are several kinds of External Beam Radiation therapy ( EBRT ), and figuring out the differences in each can be overwhelming. Recent research has now outlined the major differences. 
Radium-223 Best for Advanced Prostate Cancer
One of the forms of prostate cancer that no longer responds to treatment is referred to as castration-resistant prostate cancer ( CRPC ). Even when testosterone levels are reduced, this cancer continues to progress.
Size Matters in Prostate Cancer
A man's prostate has been described as a walnut-shaped gland. And as with everything else in a man's reproductive system, prostates come in all sizes. New research shows that size may matter in terms of predicting prostate cancer aggressiveness.
Brachy-therapy Helps Prostate Cancer Patients
A crucial part of medical science is continually reviewing the data to make sure the current gold standard is really the best treatment. Many changes in policy have taken place after simple data analysis.