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Extending Lives of Men With Prostate Cancer
Usually, drug companies are the organizations that discover new medicines. It's rare for drugs to come out of academic labs, but that's just what happened with the first medication found to be effective against advanced prostate cancer.
MRIs Help Avoid E.D. Following Prostate Surgery
Erectile dysfunction and incontinence are the most serious and disheartening side effects of surgery to treat prostate cancer. A new study finds imaging studies before a prostatectomy could make a difference.
Enlarged Prostate Drug Slows Early Cancer
You've probably seen TV commercials for this medication. Avodart ( dutasteride ) is approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to treat enlarged prostate, a condition that can keep men busy with frequent trips to the restroom.
Why Prostate Cancer Spreads
While prostate cancer is never an easy diagnosis to deal with, the options available to treat it have drastically increased lifespan and improved patient comfort. Unfortunately, as with all cancers, metastasis changes everything.
Do Robots Improve Prostate Surgery Outcomes?
Having the prostate removed is a treatment option open to most men with localized prostate cancer. Robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is becoming more popular than the traditional open radical prostatectomy .
Is Prostate Cancer in my DNA?
Scientists have known that prostate cancer runs in families for about 30 years. What's at the heart of this hereditary pattern has remained a mystery, though, until now.
Tricking Cancer Cells Into Eating Poison
Cancer cells are picky eaters. They don't open wide for just any molecule that comes along. No, they're too cunning for that. But scientists have found a way to outsmart these little monsters so they go gaga for what will kill them.
If Prostate Screening Doesn't Work, What Does?
As with a number of other health recommendations, guidelines regarding prostate cancer screenings have been all over the place lately. What's a guy to think? More importantly, what's he to do?
Cholesterol Drugs Lower Prostate Cancer Risks
They are among the most commonly prescribed medications. Now researchers are learning that the health benefits of statins may not stop at lowering cholesterol.
Prostate Cancer Treatment - One Size Doesn't Fit All
You hear the doctor say, "You have prostate cancer." Before the shock of that news wears off, you might be overwhelmed by all your options for treating the most common, non-skin cancer in men.