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Progress for Celgene's Psoriasis Drug
Celgene International Sàrl presented the results from ESTEEM 1, the Company’s first phase III study in psoriasis, at the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting in Miami, Florida.
No Safety Surprises from Humira
Humira (adalimumab) is a medication used to treat a variety of diseases. As the medication is being prescribed to more and more patients, researchers wanted to see if there were any side effects they didn't know about before.
Oral Sores Linked with Skin Problem
Inflamed and scaly skin is one thing psoriasis patients may have to deal with on the outside. But patients with this skin disorder may also have to care for certain issues on the inside.
Bigger Kids' Waistline Tied to Skin Problem
Across the globe, kids with chronic itchy skin problems may have to deal with their pant sizes as well. New research shows the growing link between the red, flaky patches in psoriasis and bigger waistlines among children.
Arava Worked in the "Real World"
Arava ( leflunomide ) is one of the many drugs used to fight inflammation - a central feature of psoriatic arthritis. The drug may appear to work well in a research environment, but how does it fare in the "real world"?
New Drug for Crohn's Patients
Maybe this is the end of long-term stomach aches and pains, at least for patients with Crohn's disease who don't respond to the common treatment.
The Tie Between Psoriasis and Diabetes
Beyond the red, itchy patches in patients with psoriasis, other problems may lay beneath their skin.
Affected On the Out and In
What happens on the outside can affect us on the inside. And it happens both ways, specifically among patients with psoriasis and inflammatory bowel diseases.
Skin Treatment Lowers Heart Attack Risk
For psoriasis patients, all kinds of options are available to treat the red and irritated skin. Some treatments have more benefits than others, including how it affects your risk for heart attacks.
Mind Interventions Ease Skin Conditions
Mind over matter can certainly have an effect on the body. Relaxation techniques, habit reversal, and cognitive behavioral therapy can now help beyond stress control and anxiety.