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Inconsistent Care for Kids with Psoriasis
Kids who suffer from the skin condition psoriasis battle with dry, itchy, flaky skin that can cause sore patches. It affects one percent of children and can last a lifetime.
Researchers Tee Off on Psoriatic Arthritis
Two recently published studies on Psoriatic Arthritis reveals new insights on environmental conditions that may affect the development of the autoimmune disease.
Psoriasis Patients at Higher Risk for Heart Attacks
For people who suffer from the inflammatory skin disease psoriasis, their risks of a heart attack, stroke, or dying from cardiovascular disease are much higher.
Psoriasis Drugs Not Linked to Cardiovascular Problems
Early reports indicating drugs treating psoriasis were linked to major cardiovascular events seem to lack evidence.
Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Need More Vitamin D
The right levels of major vitamins are important for your good health. Many medical conditions, such as psoriasis, can send those vitamin levels plummeting.
Overweight kids develop more psoriasis
Overweight children have a significantly higher prevalence of psoriasis - and they are also at higher risk for heart disease that starts in childhood with higher cholesterol levels.
Arthritis Drugs May Keep Diabetes at Bay
Even if a drug was meant to fight one disease, it often happens that the drug can protect patients against other health problems. This seems to be the case with some arthritis drugs.
Psoriasis: Everything Old is New Again
A new class of intravenous and injectable medicines known as biologics are revolutionizing treatment for psoriasis, but they are expensive and may exhaust financial resources. Looking back at traditional therapies may be worth the time.