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Who Should Pay for This Cancer Screening?
Not too many people even like to think about what's involved in a colonoscopy. This may be why 40-50 percent of folks just skip the colorectal cancer screening.
Urine Test for Colon Cancer?
Metabolomics is the science of examining the waste products of cells. In other words, it looks at the end products of cell metabolism.
Colorectal Cancer Bolder in Gen Y
It's certainly unusual, but colorectal cancer does appear in people younger than age 50. You would think that the disease might be gentler in this age group, and you would be wrong. There's a positive twist to this story, though.
Childhood Cancer Warriors at Higher Risk of GI Cancers
Gastrointestinal cancers show up anywhere along the digestive tract. And while risk factors for each organ vary, a separate group of people appear to be at greater risk.
Lifestyle Matters: Specific Recommendations
Lifestyle impacts different cancers differently. While healthy diet, regular exercise and ideal weight generally improve the outlook for most cancer warriors, current research offers specific advice for specific types of the disease. In this installment of Lifestyle Matters we look at these research-based recommendations for men and women living through and beyond breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. This series is based on the recently published American Cancer Society Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors , which summarizes the latest findings on lifes...
Avastin Prolongs Life of Colorectal Cancer Patients
Treating colorectal cancer that has spread to other sites involves a combination of chemotherapies. One regimen that's been in use has been proven to extend life and is likely to become the standard of care. A phase III trial has found that continued use of Avastin ( bevacizumab ), along with different first- and second-line chemotherapies, prevents the disease from progressing by 1.6 months longer than traditional therapy. This research also indicates that people using Avastin lived with advanced colorectal cancer another 1.4 months. Ask your doctor the exact benefits of all th...
Something Fishy About Colorectal Cancer
Eating more fish and less red meat is generally considered to be a healthy dietary change. And you've no doubt heard about taking your fish oil. Now there's another feather in the health hats of fish.
Colorectal Cancer Screening Cuts to the Chase
In terms of colorectal cancer, "the most effective screening test is the one that people choose to take.”
Electronically Cleansed Colon Screening
If you've ever had a colonoscopy, you know about the colon emptying routine. It can be unpleasant. A new screening technology eliminates the need for all that eliminating.
Beta Blockers Don't Block Colorectal Cancer
Beta blockers, which are used to treat high blood pressure, block the action of a stress hormone. And this hormone can encourage cancer cells to grow and spread.