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Does Aspirin Lower Cancer Risk?
Recent news that aspirin performs as well as the blockbuster blood thinning drug Plavix , may not be the crowning achievement of this respected drug.
Run Forrest Run!
You remember the scene in "Forrest Gump" where his friend Jenny urges him to "Run Forrest run!" to get away from a pesky group of kids. He takes off, the braces that have been shackling him fly off. And he's free.
Linking Fat and Cancer
Changing characteristics of people in the last century in the western world have had some unlikely effects. Rising levels of gastric cancer, for example, caused one researcher to examine whether obesity could be the cause. A group from North Ireland's Queen's University Belfast published an overall analysis of obesity and digestive tract cancers, looking at cancers both in the stomach and throat. Ask your doctor about how to get started on long term, effective weight loss. Researchers concluded that absolutely obesity indicated higher chances of both forms of cancer, but surpris...
New Life - But What About Sex?
Beating colorectal cancer can be rejuvenating when a man can enjoy life more fully again. But if he experiences erectile dysfunction from his treatment, he may not know where to turn.
Docs Feeling the Pressure of Colonoscopies
With March being Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, the loudest message seems to be that not enough folks are having the screening. Well, a new study is showing another side of the story, and doctors are feeling the pressure.
Happy 50th - Wishing You a Clear Colonoscopy
It's a fairly well-known guideline. Start colorectal cancer screenings at age 50. Yet, far too many folks in this age group ignore these recommendations - a decision that can be deadly. Now these guidelines have been updated.
Calls for Medicare to Cover a Virtual Lifesaver
Colonoscopy is an expensive, invasive and costly colon cancer screening method. An easier, less expensive and invasive technique known as a virtual colonoscopy or CT colonography uses a scanner.  
Dealing with KRAS Genes
Alterations in the KRAS gene make for one hellava difficult cancer foe. Colon cancers that are driven by this gene resist all known treatments. This log jam may have been busted through thanks to new research.
Improving Cancer Screenings Time and Again
Okay, having tubes inserted where the sun doesn't shine is no fun. Still colorectal cancer screenings are essential. New studies show one method gets the job done.
Fruit Flavonoid Voids Colon Cancer Activity
"Eat more fruits and vegetables" has been a loud and long-running health mantra. This advice is nothing to shrug off. Turns out a chemical in fruit may have anti-cancer benefits.