Health News

First Stem Cell Stroke Trial Begins
Time is of essence when a stroke happens. Most traditional stroke treatments are given shortly after onset. A new clinical trial is testing the effectiveness of a stem cell therapy that could be given 19 days later.
Stroke Care Awareness Urged
Strokes can strike anyone one regardless of income, race, gender or insurance coverage. That doesn't necessarily mean that all groups are receiving adequate stroke care.
Diesel Fuel Linked to Heart Attack
Compared to any number of dangerous situations someone can find themselves in, driving a car fueled by diesel hardly seems risky. But exhaust fumes may be deceptively nipping at heart health.
NSAIDs Risky for Hypertensive Patients
High blood pressure patients with coronary artery disease are already at increased risk of heart attack. It turns out a commonly used, over-the-counter medication may be almost as dangerous.
Stroke of Misfortune
Pregnant women are at an increased risk for a number of possible diseases and conditions. A new study suggests that they may also be at a heightened risk for heart disease due to high blood pressure syndromes.
Natural Supplements Reduce Stroke Risk
When it comes to preventative medicine, natural supplements are the gold standard. They have the ability to work without undesirable side effects. Now scientists believe that vitamin E might help prevent stroke damage.
Poor Countries More Affected by Strokes
In the United States deaths from strokes are declining, dropping from the No. 3 cause of death to No. 4. But poor countries are still reporting disproportionately higher rates of disability and fatalities from strokes.
Minimizing Adverse Reactions by Stopping the Bleeding
Patients with acute coronary syndromes often must resort to stents or balloon angioplasty to relieve artery constriction. Now the European Society of Cardiology is suggesting new strategies to minimize bleeding during such procedures.
Overweight kids develop more psoriasis
Overweight children have a significantly higher prevalence of psoriasis - and they are also at higher risk for heart disease that starts in childhood with higher cholesterol levels.
From Sexy to Gross
Every day, some 4,000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette. About 1,000 of them will become addicted daily smokers. Their new tobacco addiction will add to the $200 billion burden that smoking costs the United States every year. And with their first puff, these youngsters start the clock ticking toward an unhealthy - and likely fatal future. To combat this disturbing public health menace, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requiring all cigarette packaging to be wrapped in graphic and sometimes disturbing images starting next year.