Health News

Health Today Matters Tomorrow
It can be hard these days to know what's healthy and what's not. One food could be good for you today but raise your risk of disease tomorrow. Some habits are obviously unhealthy. While lots of young people have these bad habits, they think they're living healthily.
Protecting Your Bones May Hurt Your Heart
Postmenopausal women often take calcium and vitamin D in order to keep their bones healthy. However, calcium and vitamin D can also be bad for a woman's heart, according to a new study.
Victory for Vegetarians
Your diet can heavily effect your chance of getting certain diseases. A new study shows that people with a vegetarian diet may have a lower risk of metabolic syndrome - the name for all the factors that increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
Depression Drugs Aren't Only for Sad People
Research has already shown that drugs for treating depression can help people recover after a stroke. Now, a new study shows that stroke patients not only have a better recovery when taking antidepressants, but they also continue to recover after they stop taking mental health medications.
New Findings on Hormone Replacement Therapy
You may remember some years ago when a large women's study was stopped because one of the therapies being tested was shown to actually increase the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes.
Disease Fighting Tangerines
Tangerines are not just deliciously sweet fruits, they are also good for you. New research shows that tangerines can help protect against obesity and other health problems.
Old Technology Finds New Purpose
For almost a century, sonar has helped submarines find their way through mysterious waters. Now, researchers have found that sonar technology can be used to identify and diagnose stroke.
Mini-Strokes Under 60 Lead to Heart Attacks
After suffering a mini-stroke, most people face future heart problems. New research shows that after a mini-stroke, there is an increased risk of heart attack.
New FDA Approved Device for Safer Brain Bypass Surgery
The FDA has approved a device that helps surgeons perform brain surgery safely on high-risk patients who are in danger of having a stroke.The FDA-approved surgical kit enables neurosurgeons to reroute the blood flow around an aneurysm of patients at greater risk of stroke during standard bypass surgery.
Eye Disease Linked to Stroke
A disease that can cause vision loss in people of all ages also increases some patients' risk of stroke.