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Among Macular Edema Treatments, This Rx May Lead the Pack
One medication may outperform the others when it comes to treating diabetic macular edema.
With Diabetes, Cutting Blood Pressure a Little May Go a Long Way
Having a normal blood pressure is good for overall health, but in diabetes patients, it may also be critical to preventing major heart problems.
Too Much of a Good Thing: Some Diabetes Patients Overtreated
Like Goldilocks and her porridge, people with diabetes need their blood sugar "just right." In some cases, though, diabetes treatment for older adults with other health problems can be overly strict, which may cause blood sugar problems.
It's an Eyesore: Supplement Didn't Stop Cataracts
Your eyes may be the crystal-clear windows to your soul, but cataracts can make them cloudy — and selenium likely doesn't keep them clear.
Just a Drop May Slow Vision Loss
Glaucoma patients face the threat of vision loss. Fortunately, a common eye drop prescription for glaucoma may reduce that threat.
Eye Infections Tied to Poor Contact Lens Care
In one year, almost 1 million people sought medical care for the same eye health problem — and that problem could be the result of patients not taking care of their contacts.
Google Glass May Hinder Vision
Labeled as smart eyewear, Google Glass lets users search photos, take calls, send messages and watch videos. But the high-tech glasses may also hinder users' vision.
Eye Disease May Signal Onset of MS
Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be difficult to diagnose because early symptoms can come and go. The eye disease uveitis, however, may be a warning sign that could help doctors detect MS early, a new study found.
Supplements May Not Help With Cataracts
Despite a suggestion raised by animal research, vitamin E and selenium don’t seem to play a part in protecting against cataracts, a new study suggests.
Diabetes May Affect Young and Old Differently
Diabetes affects millions in the US. But new research suggests that it may affect patients in different ways.