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Hold the Salt for Kidney Health
A shaker of salt can be found at almost every table — but new research is suggesting that people with kidney problems might want to give the mineral a second thought.
The Risks of Weight Loss Surgery With Kidney Disease
Weight loss surgery can be an effective treatment for some patients who are obese. However, patients with kidney disease may want to consider the risks before deciding on that treatment.
Veggie Protein May Be Better for Kidney Disease
Protein is often associated with meat and eggs. But vegetables can contain the nutrient too, and according to a new study, perhaps in a way that is healthier for people with kidney problems.
Less Salt for a Healthier Heart
Most Americans eat more salt than government dietary guidelines recommend. Research suggests it may be unwise to eat so much salt, as it might be harmful to your health.
Exercise to Help Your Kidneys
There are many benefits to exercise, but sometimes people may not get the exercise they need due to a chronic disease. For this reason, these people may need some guidance to better reap the benefits of exercise.
Making the Most of a New Kidney
If your kidneys are failing, you may have sought an opportunity to be on the kidney transplant list. What can you do while you're waiting to get the most out of a transplant?
Too Much of a Good Vitamin
Vitamin supplements can be good for you, but even too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much vitamin C can increase the risk of kidney stones in men.
Got Milk? It May Lower Kidney Stone Risk
Calcium stones are the most common type of kidney stone. Consuming more calcium, however, doesn’t cause them. In fact, a calcium-rich diet may help prevent kidney stones.
Healthy Body Weight, Healthy Kidneys
Keeping a healthy body weight is important for the heart and joints. Losing weight may also be important for healthy kidneys.
Kidney Transplant: How Big Is Too Big?
Before kidney transplantation, heavier patients are often told to lose weight to reduce the risk of complications. However, it's still unclear if some obese patients are too heavy to get a kidney transplant at all.