Health News

Heady Hormones
Young girls are beginning their period at an increasingly earlier age. This trend to rapid maturity may also lead to premature conditions formerly associated with aging.
Light Drinking Lifts Aging Prospects
After finished with childbearing and proceeding to raising children, women have the freedom to possibly imbibe after a day of work or child rearing. This is probably okay for their golden years health.
Aging Heart Attacks
Menopause and its hormonal changes can cause many symptoms including hot flashes, sleeplessness and night sweats. Menopause isn't causal, however in heart attacks.
Older Women Up Cancer Ante by Smoking
The younger a smoker is that decides to quit, obviously the better for their health. Women in their golden years can receive immediate benefits from quitting.
Less Flashing When Fleshier
Very few things are reported to improve with increased weight and advancing age, but hot flashes may be one of them.
Soy May Help Menopausal Joy
A woman going through menopause often tweaks her diet in little ways to stave off symptoms. Less sodas and coffee are some of the tricks of the trade. Is adding soy okay?
Mature Sexual Minds Over Matters
Old-time rock 'n roll now has a new meaning. Just because sexual abilities may go down in aging women, it doesn't mean they aren't still having a good time in the sack.
Temporary Fountain of Youth Found
One of the primary reasons Ponce de Leon traveled thousands of miles to come to the "new world" was the pursuit of a fountain of youth. According to new research, at least a temporary fountain of youth can be found in a journey within.
Plum Out of Bone Density
The old saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is certainly sage advice. But apples are having to take a back seat to dried plums in the osteoporosis department.
Protein Primes Women's Prime Time
Prime time women who have added a few extra pounds over the years often have trouble finding a successful diet and exercise program. Is there support available to help diet success?