Health News

Soy Can't Destroy Hot Flashes
Menopause can be a rough time. Women suffering from hot flashes, bone density loss and night flashes are usually willing to try diet changes to alleviate their symptoms.
Do You Have Demented Sleep
Most women past the age of 45 understand the concept of sleepless nights or nights with less than four hours of shut eye.
Avoiding Sudden Cardiac Death
At one time sudden cardiac death was viewed as rather random, but now new risk factors are regularly identified. One group that is at a higher risk is postmenopausal women with coronary artery disease.
No Diabetes from Menopause
When it comes to diabetes, there seems to be so many things that can make the disease develop or get worse. The good news is menopause is not one of those things.
Fertility Going Up in Smoke
Maintaining fertility while pursuing a career remains a primary goal for career women. "I'll just have a family later", is often the plan. An upswing in premature ovarian failure (POF) makes that strategy stand on shaky ground.
Snaggle Toothed Menopause
In "Miracle on 34th street," Kris Kringle said, "I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth." Old teeth need a little loving care too.
Don't be a Dummy, Grab the Dumbbells
For postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, the road to better bone density is paved with strength-training equipment. Get off the couch and begin strength training!
Menopausal Women Need to Step Up
Abundance indicates happiness, wealth and the land of plenty. Abundance in the mid-section for menopausal women is none of those things.  It's a drag. But it is an avoidable drag, though.
Flaxseed Doesn't Help Flashing
Hot off the presses: Flaxseed does not help hot flashes. There are many recognized holistic treatments to relieve hot flash symptoms but flaxseed apparently is not one of them.
Wrinkles Are Menopausal Fortune Telling
A new Yale University study finds that women who have seriously deep and plentiful wrinkles during the first few years of menopause probably have lower bone density as well.