Health News

Hidden Benefits
Australian researchers have found that a specific type of osteoporosis treatment may extend the life of patients, in addition to being an effective treatment for bone loss.
Those Awkward Teenage Years Stay with You
Researchers have found that the onset of puberty acts as the primary influencing factor of bone-mineral density (bone strength) in adults.
Flat Feet and Your Knees
Having flat feet is associated with chronic knee pain, or knee osteoarthritis, in older adults, a recent study finds.
The (Neuro)-Logical Next Step
A study from Loyola University suggests that neurological disorders like epilepsy and dementia are on the rise, but new therapies could soon be formed with the help of diagnostic tests and stem cell research.
Emergency: Why Am I Here?
When admitted to a hospital emergency department, elderly patients who suffer from dementia and delirium often do not understand why they are there. They also tend to not understand ER discharge instructions.
Working out to Supplement Your Supplement
While widely touted as osteoporosis preventive must-haves, extra calcium and vitamin D in men do not appear to prevent bone thinning.
ROLY (RObot-assisted Learning for Young drivers) teaches child wheelchair users how to get where they're going with minimum assistance.
Boy Scouts No Longer Needed
Osteoarthritis sufferers are able to move faster and with more ease if they lead physically active lives, according to new research from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.
Road to Alzheimer's Research Paved with Good Intentions
A number of factors prevent Alzheimer's disease research from reaching its optimal potential, according to a new report.
Knees Hurt? Blame Your Feet
"Flat-footed" older adults may be more likely to experience chronic knee pain than their peers who have higher arches, according to a new study from Boston University School of Medicine.