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How to Know If Your Child Is Overweight
The first step to recognizing a potential health risk is identifying it. This is particularly important when it comes to individuals recognizing whether they or loved ones are a healthy weight.
Overweight Children May Grow Into Obese Teens
Childhood obesity poses a large health problem for the United States. Yet, there is still very little data on when the risk for obesity begins.
Obese Children Showed Signs of Stress
Stress can affect any of us, and one recent study found that bodies of obese children may be under more hormonal stress than their normal weight peers.
Metformin Led to Little Weight Loss in Children
As childhood obesity in the US has increased in the past decade, researchers have looked for options to treat it. One such option is a medication called metformin.
A Closer Look at Obesity Rates in Kids
Children who are obese tend to be more likely than their peers to remain obese as adults. So, it's helpful to know which children are at higher risk for obesity.
What Your Weight History Says About Your Future
Being severely obese as an adult already presents various health concerns. Yet obese adults with a long history of being overweight may face greater challenges.
Some Kids' Stress Might Mean Weight Gain
Children respond to stressful life events in different ways, just as adults do. However, one common result may be a higher risk of becoming overweight.
Troubles Rare for Teens After Weight Loss Surgery
Obese adults sometimes choose weight loss surgery as a way to avoid the health risks that come with extra weight. New research suggests that weight loss surgery may be a safe option for severely obese teens as well.
Many Girls May Be Reaching Puberty Earlier
It might seem as though young girls are growing up faster than ever these days. But there may be some truth in that beyond just casual observations.
Obesity Weighs Heavily on Kid Hearts
An estimated one out of three children is overweight or obese in the US. To address this problem, many pediatricians from around the country gathered to discuss approaches that may help.