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Feel Blue, Green and Red?
Pain will come and go for most people, but it can be more intense if you suffer depression and/or anxiety. Treating these problems can be difficult but experts provide some tips.
Mind Influenced by Moody Gardens
Everyone has easy and hard times in their life that might cause feelings of anxiety or depression, but it’s not just genes that affect those moods. The environment has a part as well.
Cognitive Therapy Helps Kids With OCD
For kids who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), antidepressants often aren't enough to relieve the irrational fears, repetitive behaviors and intrusive thoughts that come with the disorder.
Panic Attacks Don't Come Out of the Blue
Panic attacks are thought to be something that happen so suddenly and unexpected, that one doesn't have a chance to be prepared.
New OCD Treatment on Horizon
A new model of the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as its treatment, has been created. The model offers new insight into the disorder, which disrupts a person's life with unwanted thoughts and repetitive rituals that cause anxiety.
Suicidal Teens Not Getting Enough Help
The teenage years are rarely easy for anyone, but for many it can be a time of severe depression or anxiety, even leading to suicidal thoughts.
Texting and Driving Obsession
Some individuals would consider this generation the “Now” generation because technology has become so advanced that everything you need can be available at your finger tips.
Morning Sickness Linked to Behavioral Issues
Old wives tales abound concerning pregnancy. One popular one is "if the future mother is really sick, it's a girl." According to recent research, it may cause something else.
Do Nose Jobs Mean Mental Illness?
Plastic surgery is often thought of as purely cosmetic, driven either by vanity or a sincere desire to remedy what one considers a glaring physical defect. For Kid's Personality
It's no secret that children all have very different personalities, even siblings raised in the same household. Most parents have experienced that what works with one kid, doesn't work with another.