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Cervical Cancer Screenings Recommended No Matter the Test
About 12,000 women in the US are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. While there is debate over screening approaches, tests that screen for cervical cancer can catch the disease early when it is easiest to treat.
Another Success for HPV Vaccine
One precursor to cervical cancer are lesions that develop on the cervix from a virus called HPV. But the worst strains of HPV can be prevented with a vaccine.
Adding Avastin Improved Cervical Cancer Survival
Pap smears have dramatically reduced cervical cancer rates in the US, but this cancer remains a huge problem for women around the world. A new study found a way to help cervical cancer patients live longer.
Precancerous Cells May Raise Cervical Cancer Risk Later
Pap smears are considered a huge success story in the medical world. These tests have helped to diagnose cervical cancers at earlier and more treatable stages. Pap tests also pick up precancerous cells.
Cervical Cancer Screening In Older Age Lowered Cancer Risk
Adult women are recommended to get regular screenings for cervical cancer, but t here is not much agreement about the age at which cervical screening should stop. Evidence about the impact of screening on cervical cancer incidence in older  women is lacking.
Key Groups Not Knowledgeable About HPV Vaccine
If there was a vaccine that could possibly prevent cancer, everyone would get it — right? The answer is more complicated than that, as a new study focusing on HPV vaccination showed.
Millions of Unnecessary Pap Tests
If a woman has had a hysterectomy, does she still need to have Pap smears? It would stand to reason that she doesn’t since the test screens for cervical cancer and a hysterectomy removes the cervix in nearly all of these procedures.
Possibly Better Way to Screen for Cervical Cancer
Traditionally, the Pap smear has been used to screen for cervical cancer. A new study has shown that there may be a better screening method for this female cancer.
One HPV Shot Might Provide Long-Term Protection
It may never be possible to find a "cure for cancer" — even better would be preventing cancer in the first place. That's what the HPV vaccine can help do.
Low Rates of HPV Vaccination in the South
The South is known for its quaint accents, its rich country cooking and a relaxed culture that’s distinct from other regions of the US. The South now may be known for something else that’s not so charming.