Cervical CancerInfo Center

Screen. Prevent. Eliminate.
Don’t wait when it comes to cervical cancer screening. Preventive measures, regular screening and early detection can save lives.
Lesbians & Cervical Cancer Screening
All sexually active women could be exposed to risk factors for cervical cancer, lesbian and heterosexual women alike. Cervical cancer screening is important for all women.
Cervical Cancer Vaccine Makes Phase II
Prevention is best, but trials for a treatment for existing cervical cancer are underway and showing good results. It will take a couple of years or more before it could be in wide use.
Cervical Screenings & Assaulted Women
Cervical cancer screenings can make some women feel anxious, powerless and seriously uncomfortable. Despite these realities, the screenings are really important because they can save lives!
The Roots of Cervical Cancer
Current approaches to cervical cancer are focused on early detection. But screening methods may not be available to everyone. Targeting cancer causing protein research is gaining ground.
Cancer Tops Heart Disease As #1 Killer
Hispanic/Latinos are the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States. These folks come from Cuba, Central and South America, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico, among other countries. Heart disease used to be the leading cause of death for Latinos, but not anymore.
AIDS and Cancer Links
People living with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) are at greater risk of various forms of cancer. In fact, when these cancers appear, it means the virus has turned into full-blown AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).
Listen & Learn Ladies
What’s the best way to get the word out about major health issues? For certain groups, a short story on the radio can reach and educate a lot of people easily and successfully.
Age, Insurance & Cervical Cancer
Catching any cancer before it spreads to vital organs can greatly improve patient outcomes. A woman’s age and whether or not she has health insurance are factors in catching one cancer.
Best Test for Predicting Cervical Cancer
If you've been following the changing guidelines for women's health maintenance, you will know that annual Pap smears are no longer recommended for cervical cancer screenings. A new study has found which test is best for predicting cervical cancer risks.