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Antidepressant May Ease Cancer Pain
Chemotherapy can and does save lives. These powerful cancer medicines also have side effects that can last years. But an existing medication may come to the rescue.
Platelets Win Against Tennis Elbow Pain
If that repeated, twisting arm motion becomes painful, the pain might be tennis elbow, even in non-tennis players. Rest is often the first step to healing, and there may be a new way to decrease the pain.
Better Relief For Compressed Nerves
When treatment for a nerve compression disorder does not relieve pain, both patients and doctors may consider surgery as the next step. Surgery can seem like an extreme option, but for some patients, it may be the right choice.
Creams Versus Pills for Pain
Gel and cream pain relievers are gaining in popularity. This method of pain relief has fewer side effects than their pill counterparts and may work just as well.
Cancer Surgery Anesthesia and Chronic Pain
Breast cancer patients who undergo a mastectomy (removal of breast) can have pain for years after the surgery. Does the medication given during surgery make a difference?
Neuropathic Pain Relief - It's Electric!
Scientists have considered deep brain stimulation (DBS) a possible treatment for a hard-to-treat type of nerve pain. In the past, the cost and invasive nature of DBS have made it difficult to conduct medical trials.
Doubt About Steroids for Spinal Stenosis
When patients with spinal stenosis don't want surgery, steroid shots are a common treatment. A recent study tested whether steroid shots were actually helpful over the long-term.
Frailty and Senior Pain Med Use
With age comes the break down of bodily systems, which can make many seniors frail. Unfortunately, frailty often leads to pain and the need for medicine to manage the pain.
How Are Our Soldiers Sleeping?
Military service can be brutal on a person's body. But it may be even more brutal on a person's sleep. Insomnia, sleep apnea and too little sleep appear common among military personnel.
Stuffed Animals Keep the Pain at Bay
It's no fun to undergo surgery - especially if you're a kid. And perhaps the worst part is feeling pain afterward. Never fear! Playtime is here!