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Downside for Men Taking Daily Pain Rx
An estimated 43 million Americans use pain medicine on a daily basis. Men taking daily doses of pain medicine may experience an unwanted side effect: low testosterone. 
Depression and Anxiety Linked to Jaw Pain
Many factors are associated with jaw pain including genetics, environment and personal habits. Depression and anxiety also play a role in jaw pain, but to what degree is not fully understood.
Using the Mind to Reduce Inflammation
If you're in pain, you probably don't feel great. If you're emotionally frustrated or upset, it can make your pain worse. So then how do you break the cycle?
Don't Focus on the Pain, Kids
When tummies hurt, it can be the biggest deal for children. But kiddos can take control and put the power of the mind to work, especially over a long period of time.
Pain Sensitivity Depends On Genetics
A person’s genetics determines a lot about them, including the way they look, their personality traits and health risks. Research suggests more and more that rare DNA combinations can play an important role in diseases and traits. Scientists are trying to find out more.
Marijuana’s Role in Pain Management
It’s unknown how exactly marijuana combats pain. But new research claims marijuana doesn’t kill pain so much as reduce caring about the pain.
Relief for a Pain in the Neck
Forget the painkillers and steroid injections when it comes to chronic neck pain. The solution may be as easy as rolling out your yoga mat.
Sleep Away the Pain
Wouldn't it be nice to spend an extra few hours in bed each morning? Chances are, you would get all the sleep you need - and you may feel less pain during the day.
Relieving Crippling Bone Cancer Pain
When cancer starts to spread, the bone is often one of its first destinations. Pain is the most common symptom of bone metastasis (spread). A new device has been approved to handle this often crippling pain.
Pains of Parents and Children
Sometimes pain just decides to show up in our bodies seemingly out of nowhere. No warning, no apparent cause. It baffles doctors as much as it baffles us.