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Teen Ears May Be in Danger
Teens may be damaging their hearing, a new study suggests.
New Hope for Hearing Loss
A device typically used for the profoundly deaf may now help millions who are hard of hearing.
Glue Ear: Resolving the Sticky Problem
For parents and children alike, hearing problems can be troubling. However, a simple, nonsurgical procedure could help treat one common ear condition.
Why Smokers Might Need to Watch Their Hearing
Smokers, if you need another reason to quit, here’s one that might surprise you: Quitting might save your hearing.
How Bone Loss and Hearing Loss Might Be Linked
Osteoporosis may make you more likely to experience a surprising condition: hearing loss.
Hear Yourself Think: How Ear Implants Might Help
This might be music to the ears of aging adults: a procedure to address hearing loss could also help with mental function.
HIV May Hamper Hearing
Hearing loss may not always be the result of too much loud music in your younger days. If you're HIV-positive, hearing loss could be a product of your condition.
Hearing Aids May Aid Balance
Hearing aids may aid more than just hearing. They may also improve balance and prevent falls in older patients with hearing loss.
Sleep Apnea May Snuff Out Some Sound
Sleep apnea has been linked to problems with blood flow. As healthy blood flow is crucial to many functions of the body, including the five senses, it's possible that sleep apnea could play a part in damage to our senses.
Hear More Words, Speak More Words: Hearing Aids in Kids
Hearing loss makes it difficult to understand others who speak to you. But for children, hearing loss also makes learning speech and language more difficult.