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Glue Ear Infections Healed with Disolving Pellets
When thick, sticky fluid collects behind the ear drum over a period of weeks and months, patients can develop glue ear, a painless condition that could lead to hearing loss. Scientists have found an innovative way to treat it.
Can You Hear Me Now?
Heart health is important for a number of reasons. One of the more unusual may be that it can aid with processing what we hear, particularly as the aging process begins.
Men Have Hearing Advantage
Women are better than men at a number of things such as noticing fine details and changes such as a new hair cut. But men have the upper hand when it comes to parking and navigating a new city. They are known to excel at these visuo-spatial abilities.
Soundly Interfering
Loud conversations amid background noise are difficult even for people with normal hearing to take. This is especially true for people with hearing aids, as most of these aids aren't customized to each patient's hearing thresholds.
New Test To Detect Hearing Loss in Babies
Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) is a known cause of many birth defects, including permanent hearing loss, but most CMV infections in infants are not identified early. Researchers report that a new saliva test can identify CMV in newborns with 97 percent accuracy.
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Imagine a wonderful world with all new feeling sensations, new sights and new tastes. No sounds are available, but all these new touches, sights and tastes are pretty thrilling.
Making a Beautiful Duet
Current cochlear implant technology offers people who are hard of hearing nice results in hearing speech. Melody perception, however, has remained elusive for those with cochlear implants.
The Better to Hear You With, My Dear
Sudden hearing loss, the aptly named condition, is a devastating loss of hearing.  This disease occurs in a very abbreviated amount of time, usually less than 4 days. Sudden hearing loss is usually treated with a course of oral steroids.
Marlee Matlin and The Starkey Foundation
Marlee Matlin may not have won on The Celebrity Apprentice this week, but she won big for the Starkey Foundation and 22,000 hearing impaired children and adults in Africa. Matlin won over one million dollars for The Starkey Foundation during this season's The Celebrity Apprentice.
Still Sounds Like Rock and Roll to Me
Listener fatigue involves the discomfort and pain felt by some people while using the new type earphones and hearing aids. Instead of suggesting giving up iPod usage, which isn't going to happen, engineers found a  solution for listener fatigue: a new earphone.