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Lungs Live Longer Without Heartburn
Sometimes, treating one disease can help patients deal with another. This seems to be the case for patients with a certain lung disease who are also being treated for acid reflux disease.
Empty Your Tummy with Surgery
Diabetes patients have plenty to do ensuring their disease does not get out of control. For some diabetics having trouble managing their disease, surgery could be the answer.
New Breakfast Staple for Babies: Eggs
Parents often wake their children by asking, "What do you want for breakfast?" It's time to start serving up those eggs for babies.
Snaggle Toothed Menopause
In "Miracle on 34th street," Kris Kringle said, "I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth." Old teeth need a little loving care too.
Punching Out Post Dental Surgery Pain
Pain management after dental surgery can be a pain in the gas. Arguably, nothing is more irritating than a toothache gone wrong. Analgesic drug relief is key.
Surprising Mechanism Aids Cell Self Destruction
Excess amounts of fat and sugar force cells to self destruct when they can no longer stand the toxic environment. Scientists believe they now know why these overloaded cells commit suicide.
ESC Announces Lipid Control Measures
Managing lipids, naturally forming fats and cholesterol, can help cut the risk of cardiovascular disease. Now the European Society or Cardiology has released new guidelines to help patients and doctors work together to manage these lipids.
Cavity Causing Bacteria Linked to Lethal Heart Infection
Streptococcus mutans is a bacterium most often associated with cavities. Now, researchers say that same bacteria can rapidly travel to the heart and create a potentially deadly condition.
Vaccine for Kids Rocks
Rotavirus can happen to anyone, but is most dangerous for infants and the elderly. A vaccine is now available for young children between the ages of 6 and 12 weeks.
Good Enough Glance at Crohn's Disease
Television was still good enough to watch before HDTV, and it was cheaper. The same can now be said for the proposed diagnostic protocol for Crohn's disease.