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Do the Drugs Do the Job for Kids?
Heartburn isn't just a problem for adults. Kids can have the condition too. So, should doctors treat children the same way as adults? Do the same heartburn drugs work for people of all ages?
Heartburn Isn't a Cancer Sentence
Over time, heartburn can wear down the lining of your esophagus. This can put you at risk for cancer. But is the risk really that high?
ReVia Can Lead to Remission in Crohn's Disease
Traditional treatments for Crohn's disease are effective at reducing inflammation by affecting the immune system.  The side effects can be difficult for many patients. A new study shows that a drug used to treat alcoholics may be effective without causing side effects.
Tracking the Disease
Those iPhone applications just keep piling in! A new recording device to report diet, bowel movement, stress and pain related to Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (UC) is now available free of charge to patients.
Drugs Can't Keep the Liquids Down
Heartburn and regurgitation (when stomach fluids rise back to the mouth) are the usual signs of acid reflux disease. The most popular acid reflux drugs may work well to stop heartburn, regurgitations is another story.
Celiac Disease Regression
Celiac disease is a condition where patients have a reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat products. Most people manage their celiac disease with a gluten-free diet. No take out pizza or calzone for them!
Gluten-Free Diet and Tennis
An up-and-coming tennis athlete became a star in 2011 with the help of a gluten-free diet! Novak Djokovic has a record of 37-0 and seven titles. Who knew allergies could be so detrimental?
Take the Pill or Go under the Knife?
In many cases, there is more than one way to fight a health problem. Some may work better than others. But when dealing with acid reflux (the condition that causes heartburn), both drugs and surgery helped patients.
Stopping the Burn Might Break a Bone
It's important to take care of your heartburn because it could lead to worse problems, including cancer. Doctors often give patients certain drugs for their heartburn. Yet, like many other drugs, heartburn medications can have some serious side effects.
Talk with Your Doc
Talking with your doctor is important when you're dealing with any health problem. If you and your doctor have good communication, you will have an easier time taking care of your health. Not talking with you doctor can make your problems worse.