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3 Unexpected Uses for Botox
Because Botox is known for smoothing out wrinkles and facial imperfections, it has become associated with a line-less face with zero expression. But Botox can actually be used for several medical conditions.
Rx for Frequent Nighttime Urination Approved
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its first treatment for adults who experience nighttime urine overproduction that leads to waking during the night to urinate. 
Good News for Parkinson's Patients
Patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) may be able to continue taking their medications without risking cognitive decline, new evidence suggests. {C}
Success Story: Surgery for Urinary Incontinence
Surgical mesh slings appear to be an effective way to treat urinary incontinence in women — despite past concerns.
How a Surgery Could Help Plug Urinary Leaks
Losing weight can often ease the symptoms of urinary incontinence. And a surgery that helps with weight loss could also help.
Anticholinergics May Carry Surprising Risk for Older Adults
Medications for allergies, depression and incontinence can be lifesavers. However, they may have some surprising effects on mental health.
New Guidelines for Treating Incontinence
The American College of Physicians (ACP) has updated its guidelines for treating urinary incontinence (UI), a fairly common medical issue facing women today.
Urine Isn't Sterile: Bacteria and Overactive Bladder
Researchers appear to have debunked the long-held notion that urine is sterile. And the bacteria in urine may have implications for people with overactive bladder.
Childbirth Not the Only Contributor to Overactive Bladder
The strain of vaginal childbirth can result in bladder leakage problems. For some women, the problem will likely get better with time, but for others it might get worse.
Rx Reduced Bladder Leakage in the Elderly
People with urgency incontinence get a signal that they have to urinate moments before they have bladder leakage. Getting relief from this tough problem is on the mind of many seniors.