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An Overview of Medicines to Treat Overactive Bladder
Having a sudden urge to urinate can strike women with overactive bladder (OAB) almost anytime. And while there are a number of lifestyle and muscular remedies, medications are taking a larger role in treating OAB.
Women's Risks for Losing Bladder Control
Many women lose control of their bladder after pregnancy. This can not only be embarassing, but treatment can be expensive and the condition can seriously affect a woman's overall quality of life.
ADHD Related to Bathroom Issues for Kids
Taking care of a child with ADHD can present various challenges. And one of those challenges could be related to bathroom trips.
An Alternative to Pesky Adult Pant Liners
Frequent leaks or dribbles of urine in the elderly may not only be bothersome, but caregivers might also end up spending a fortune on liners and institutional care.
Not So Happy With Troubled Bladders
Some adults can't wait very long between trips to the bathroom. Many can handle their condition better than others. But some might feel embarrassed and a few might even be depressed.
Continuing Toilet Trips After Birth
A common problem among pregnant women is a constant need to use the restroom. This need can turn into a more serious condition after pregnancy if these future moms are unable to keep normal blood sugar levels while baby is in the womb.
Female Pelvic Surgery No Sure Thing
Gravity and bodily wear-and-tear have their effects. In some women who are growing older or who have given birth, those effects eventually may cause the pelvic organs to prolapse.
Toilet Trips Unfriendly to Sleep
When the toilet calls in the middle of the night, it can be difficult to go back to sleep. It can be especially difficult for older adults with insomnia.
Pros and Cons of Urinary Slings
If it didn't work the first time, women who get urinary slings to control their bladder can certainly try the procedure again. The second or third time might be a charm, but not all outcomes with the new slings benefit its user.
Botox Over Time for the Bladder
You may already know about the wrinkle-reducing powers of Botox. Scientists have shown that Botox also works well in treating bladder problems. However, it's still unclear how long patients actually stick with the treatment and what prompts them to stop.