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Smoking and Prostate Cancer
Smoking and lung cancer are known links. Now it's becoming clear that tobacco addiction significantly complicates the outlook for men diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Dads Urged to Get Healthy
It's time for Father's Day, when dads around the world are celebrated for their contributions to their families. This year a physician is encouraging dads to use this special day get on a fast- track to better health.
Unhappy Fathers Days
Dads and husbands, brothers and sons suffer depression just like the women in their lives. But men are less likely to talk about it or seek care for the blues.
Don't Hate the Doctor, Man
Part of taking care of yourself usually involves going to the doctor on a regular basis, yet many men seem to think that doctor visits are not important, according to a recent survey.
Golden Years Men Lose Orgasms on Gabapentin
Many medications have some kind of side effect, and patients have varying degrees of tolerance. One newly discovered side effect may be too much for men with epilepsy or migraines.
Bariatric Surgery Turns On Testerone Switch
 "The Biggest Loser" ranch have been holding out on us. The TV show's contestants have already reported that diabetes can disappear after significant weight loss. What they haven't told us?
Men Pacing Themselves Nicely
Biventricular pacemakers are an electronic, battery-powered pacing device that is surgically implanted under the skin to give patients with advanced heart failure a balanced heart beat. 
Men of Sleepless La Mancha
"Sleep is the current coin that purchases all the pleasures of the world cheap, and the balance that sets the king and the shepherd, the fool and the wise man, even." ~Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1605. The importance of sleep was so eloquently expressed at the height of the Renaissance.
No Escaping Cell Phone Radiation
Who among us can live without being connected to cell phones in this day and age? Recent studies around the world lend credence to limiting use of cells phones because the radiation is bad news for brain repair, DNA breakage and sperm cell count.
One Brisk Step at a Time
Brisk walking is a good aerobic activity for anyone. It's now known to be particularly healthful for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients.