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Younger Men Benefit From Surgery
New research has suggested that older men diagnosed with prostate cancer may not need any treatment. Now, a 15-year study shows that surgery is the best option for men under the age of 65.
Important Erectile Dysfunction Launch
With discretion, mint-flavor and convenience as its 3 middle names, a new form of Levitra is now available in the UK.
Frustrating Side Effects From Avodart, Propecia
Recent reports have found using 5 alpha reductase inhibitors ( Propecia and Avodart ) to treat male hair loss can experience persistent erectile dysfunction (ED), loss of libido, and depression.
Dietary Fats and Prostate Health
You can't turn around without hearing praise for the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Likewise, trans-fatty acids are considered one of the most unhealthful substances we can eat. Well, hold your horses - when it comes to prostate health, all that's wrong!
Ibuprofen May Cause Erectile Dysfunction
Mae West probably wasn't the first to notice "It's not the man in your life but the life in your man," but she certainly said it best. If you've been taking ibuprofen three times a day for over three months, you may want to lay off the ibuprofen.
Some Prostate Cancers Don't Need to be Treated
Men aged 65 and older who are diagnosed with a low-risk form of prostate cancer don't need to jump right into treatment. Delaying surgery and radiation doesn't pose added risk of death as long as the cancer is closely monitored.
New Test Detects Prostate Cancer More Accurately
A large clinical trial has demonstrated a new screening for prostate cancer that's more accurate than the tests currently available. In research conducted by Northwestern Medicine, the new PSA test reduced the number of false positives and pinpointed prostate cancer more precisely, particularly the aggressive form of the disease.
What's in an Overactive Bladder?
As a man grows older, it is not uncommon for his prostate to grow. An enlarged prostate can cause urinary problems, including overactive bladder. Recent research findings show how an enlarged prostate leads to overactive bladder.
Under What Knife?
A new, less invasive treatment - called prostatic artery embolization - may replace the most common way doctors treat men with an enlarged prostate, or benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Erectile Dysfunction and Depression Side Effects
Long-lasting sexual and mental health complications may be caused by class of commonly used drugs found in hair loss medications and the treatment of urinary problems in men with an enlarged prostate. Complications can lead to erectile dysfunction, depression, and a reduced sex drive.